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Hot Water Repairs

Hot Water Repairs

What do you feel when you cannot find hot water for your morning shower in shivering, cold winter mornings? Most Australians would feel like waking up late on a Sunday, having a breakfast in bed and then start the day off with a nice hot water bath but as soon as you turn the tap on, you either here a hammering sound or you might just find cold water coming through the tap? If you have installed a hot water system but cannot seem to figure out why you cannot get hot water around the house then you do not need to worry about it all day because Eagle Plumbing is your trusted plumbing service for hot water repairs in Northcote, Thomastown, Coburg, Brunswick, Preston, Hadfield and Reservoir.We have been serving Melbournians for years and we have got a wealth of experience to impress you. It does not matter what kind of hot water heater you have, how is it powered or to which brand does it belong. We skip over to the problem and work on the solution right away so that you enjoy an un-interrupted hot water supply.

Hot Water Repairs Reservoir

If you are having problems with your hot water heater like the gas is not reaching the storage tank properly or the instantaneous hot water system is not working, we will be there on one ring and your problem will be solved before you know it. Our expert team of technicians take time to figure out the problem and fix it instead of having a look and jumping to conclusions.Today, repairs of electric hot water heaters, continuous flow hot water heaters, heat pumps and solar water heaters are not everyone’s cup of tea. The systems have grown so complex that experience and skills are necessary to provide satisfactory hot water repairs in Preston, Hadfield, Brunswick, and Thomastown. Although, almost all hot water systems now come maintenance free but if you have a model that has been out-of-use for years then we can help solve the problem. Even if your home is equipped with roof mounted, solar hot water heaters that were improperly installed, we can perform the minor tweaks necessary for its efficient working. We also offer free maintenance if the product is purchased through us.Our variety of services includes:
  • Sales of Hot Water Heaters
  • Repairs of Hot Water Heaters
  • Maintenance of Hot Water Heaters
  • Residential & Commercial Setting Repairs
  • Licensed Services
  • Warrantees on Plumbing and Installations
  • Timely Service
At Eagle Plumbing, we use leading knowledge in the industry and expertise that you can rely on. We believe in creating a long-term relationships so whenever you have a problem, you have us on speed dial for hot water repairs in Coburg, Northcote, Hadfield, Brunswick and other suburbs in Melbourne. For more information, visit our website,

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