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Roof Restoration & Repairs

Roof Repairs Coburg & Thomastown

We strive to earn the trust of our clients and build long lasting relationships, who entrust us with the maintenance of their rooftops and other repairing services. We perform inspections on regular basis and make sure that our work is always up to the mark and of high standard. As we are a licensed company, we keep all the safety standards in mind for the safety of the property as well as the customers, while performing our work. Apart from finishing the job on time and within your budget, we do a thorough cleaning of the premises and provide you with tips so as to prevent such case from happening again.


Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are one of the most common problems and are caused by a number of reasons, for which getting roof repairs in Coburg and Thomastown becomes necessary. Most common reasons are:

Bad Weather Exposure

No roofs are impervious to the adverse effects of weather. In regions where the weather is extreme, roofs are more prone to damage. Rain, snow, sleet, high winds etc. are responsible for the wearing out of the roofing materials, which consequently causes roofs to leak, especially when two or three of these factors are combined.

Blocked Gutters

Another common factor causing roof leaks is the blocked gutters. Gutters need maintenance and cleaning up on regular basis so that they do not get blocked. It is recommended to make sure the roof gutters are clear from any kind of debris and leaves before rainy or snowy seasons, so that proper drainage of snow and rainwater takes place.

Poor Roof Construction

While renovating your home and its roof, it is imperative that you hire professionals for this important task. Poor construction of roofs might leave tiny holes, which during rainy and snowy seasons, can cause the water to seep through these holes and wet all your cherished stuff in the house, along with damaging the construction of the house.

Leaky Fixtures

If fixtures, like chimneys, skylights, air conditioners etc., are not installed properly, they can become a constant source of roof leakages. In fact, during installation of fixtures, especially during renovations, the quality of the roof is reduced, which makes it more susceptible to leakage.

Roof Repairs Reservoir

Our experienced members of a professional roofing team have the ability to fix any kind of leakage, either big or small, as they employ the right techniques to undo the damage, incurred on the roof. The tools and skills of our roof technicians allow them to quickly locate the source of the leak and have it sealed in as minimal time as possible.

At Eagle Plumbing Services Pty Ltd, we value the complaints of the roof repairs of our customers in Coburg and Thomastown, and strive to provide them with the best of our services.

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