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Electric Hot Water Heaters

Are you fed up of the inadequate performance of your water heater? Do you feel that according to your family size, the existing water heater is not enough? Does it happen often that when you step in for a morning shower, you can never enjoy a hot water rinse because your water heater is not working efficiently? If these are some of the problems you are facing, then you are in for some good news! Eagle Plumbing Services is here in Melbourne, Australia with the widest range of quality electric water heaters from an array of brands to meet your everyday hot water needs.

When you are out in the market for an electric hot water heater, you must figure out the usage of hot water according to your home or family. Most people often opt for a smaller capacity in electric water heaters and then complain that they never get a chance to enjoy a hot water bath. The problem is not with the heater but their choice.

Electric Hot Water Heaters

We offer three categories of compact electric water heaters that include:

  • Single Point Use Hot Water Storage System

These include the mixer tapware connected to hot water heaters and “Under Sink, Point of Use” hot water heaters.

  • Instantaneous One Phase Electric Hot Water Heaters

These are designed for meeting prompt, yet the smaller demands for hot water.

  • Instantaneous Three-Phase Electrically Powered Hot Water Heaters

These are suitable for multiple outlets with no ventilation. These have an energy efficient operation.

Our electric water heaters are more energy efficient than the MEPS. With lighter and stainless steel bodies, the electric water heaters are easy to install. At Eagle Plumbing Services, we believe in providing energy efficient hot water solutions that satisfy the whole family’s hot water needs.

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