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Instantaneous Hot Water

A hot water shower in the morning sets the mood for the whole day, keeping us fresh and charged up. However, what happens if you run out of hot water in the morning?

Not having your morning shower can leave you irritated for the rest of the day so what do you do if you want a continuous and instantaneous supply of hot water? Now, you do not need to worry because Eagle Plumbing Services brings its Australian clients instantaneous water heaters that are effective for all those times when you are waiting for the water to get up to the right temperature.

With instantaneous hot water heaters, centrally stored, hot water cylinders are no longer needed, plus you save the space and it also contributes to savings in your electricity bill. These hot water heaters demand either LPG or natural gas to give you a continuous supply of hot water with flow rates of 10, 13, 16, 17, 21 or 26 litres per minute. They are also 90% energy efficient; therefore, you do not need to worry about paying excessive bills any more. These are compact and come with remote control options so that you get the water at the right temperature for different taps in all the rooms of your house.

Instantaneous Hot Water

Many companies like Bosch, Rheem, Rinnai and others offer a range of solar water heaters that are 100% Australian made and suited to Australian temperatures, working efficiently and providing you with hot water at your preferred temperature on just a touch of a button. Instantaneous hot water heaters come in single phase and three-phase options for varying demands.

Eagle Plumbing Services brings you instantaneous gas and electric water heaters at affordable prices. Our professional plumbers perform quality and timely installations and offer warranties. We guarantee you an un-interrupted supply of hot water and bright and pro-active mornings. Visit

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