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Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water

Do you want something fancy and efficient that provides you hot water through solar power and occasional gas boosters to keep the flow of hot water continuous? Do you need a solution from a well-known brand that offers warranties on its products but also offers modern, energy saving solutions? People often opt for the traditional water heaters because they are not sure about the alternative; that is, gas boosted solar hot water systems. Eagle Plumbing Services guarantees quality offerings from reputable brands and a service that you will appreciate.

Although there are also electric boosted solar hot water heaters, the ones installed with gas boosters work more efficiently, consuming less energy and are lighter on your pocket. You can either opt for the ground mounted (Split Systems) or roof mounted (Thermisiphon) solar water heat systems that are also frost protected so you do not require maintenance.

Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water

The solar panel water heating systems work with the cool fluid in the collectors of the panels absorbing heat and transferring it to the water storage tank so that more liquid can be heated. Ground mounted, gas boosted solar water heaters absorb ambient heat through its body and then the liquid within the coil circulates transferring heat. The process is longer in roof mounted heaters than in ground mounted solar water heaters but your continuous supply of hot water will not be interrupted. Almost, all water heaters come with a pre-set temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.

There are days when the solar gain is not enough to power the gas boosted solar water heaters. Now, even in those days, you can enjoy a hot shower. These solar water heater systems work in times of low solar gain when the gas is boosted around the solar water tank outlet which creates friction and heats up the water inside. The booster system works only when the hot water is in use.

At Eagle Plumbing Services, we provide quality products with warranties so you do not face any problems once you have made the purchase. For more information on our offerings of gas boosted solar water heaters, visit our website, or call us on (03) 9462 1450.

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