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Heat Pumps

What do you think can put an end to the energy crisis that is thrust upon us? Would you prefer the traditional roof mounted solar hot water heaters or ground based solar water heaters? Do you feel like every time someone climbs on the roof to setup the roof-mounted solar panels or to clear out drainage pipes, you have to carry out repairs afterwards, because your workman is clumsy with his work and there is the risk of damaging the solar panels? Well, Eagle Plumbing Services brings the perfect solution. We bring our customers heat pumps in Melbourne, Australia, a more simple solution to enjoy a continuous supply of hot water every day.

Heat pump is not the traditional way to use the renewable source of energy because its works without solar panels. Apart from using only one-third of energy an electric heater would consume, generous rebates are offered making them an economical solution.

Heat Pumps

The heat pump works through a heat exchange system to transfer heat from outside the unit to the water inside. It is particularly beneficial as they are also suitable in cold working conditions unlike roof mounted solar water heaters which are not frost protected. Most heat pumps, like the ones from Dux come with a de-icing function so you no longer need a backup element. The refrigerant used inside the coil (R134a) has a boiling point of -26C. When the air, which is warmer than the refrigerant, is drawn into the system, it evaporates the refrigerant which is compressed when passing through the piping and generates ample heat to rise the temperature of water. This cycle goes on giving a continuous supply of hot water.

A heat pump brings amazing savings to a household as well as commercial user, first in the form of rebates. We can also guide on how many STCs your solar water heater or heat pump is entitled to which can be used in exchange of financial benefits.

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