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Tapware & Bathroom

Eagle Plumbing Services in Australia has the biggest range of bathroom tap ware to offer for its customers. How do you feel about having a spray of water as soon as you place your hand under the tap or would you prefer a continuous flow? Now, you not only get to choose the tap design but also the way it functions. You even have the choice to go with the traditional taps or the more modern, mixer taps. In current times, your choice in tap ware reflects your taste in interior décor.

Eagle plumbing services offer you 3 easy steps to follow, to make the right choice in tapware.

Tapware And Bathroom

1. Choose a Design

If you are re-doing your bathroom then selecting tap ware must be an important part of the planning process. You must choose tapware that blends in well with the environment i.e. if you are going for a contemporary look then a country themed tapware would not fit and will destroy the whole décor making you uncomfortable. Colour also plays an important part. Most people prefer stainless steel, however black is trending these days.

2. Category of Tapware

The category includes the 3-piece tapware or the mixer. 3-piece is the more traditional choice whereas, if you are going for an electic theme, then a mixer would add value, making your bathroom vanity more elegant.

3. Functionality

This is probably the most important part that you need to link with your usage. Do you want to use the tapware for a wall mounted version, bathtub, inset basin or a countertop basin? How frequently will you use it, is it in the guestroom or in your bedroom? These factors do matter and will help you make the right choice.

Whether you select the mixer tapware or the 3-piece tapware, Eagle Plumbing Services offers the widest range of tapware from well-known brands to satisfy your appetite. We believe in delivering quality with no compromises. Visit our website and look at our tapware offerings.

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