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Gas Fitting
Gas Fitting

Gas Fitter Preston

What do you do when you are moving into a new house and you need gas fittings for your hot water systems, indoor temperature control systems etc.? Are you planning renovations anytime soon and changing the whole outlook of your kitchen, bathroom and laundry then you might need some gas fittings? If you need gas fittings in a commercial setting and cannot find the right plumbing services then do not look further because Eagle Plumbing is here in Melbourne, Australia for gas fittings in Coburg. You do not have to wait for long because we respond on one ring and our gas fitter in Preston will reach you in no time.

First you need to make sure whether you need a gas fitter in Preston or a plumber? Typical tasks a gas fitter performs include:

  • Repairs & Installation of gas flue pipes
  • Adjustments in Gas Pressure
  • Gas Bottle installation that includes pigtails, regulators, gas lines and changeover valves
  • Gas appliance conversion, repairs, maintenance and installations
  • Gas meter installations along with pipe work and valves
  • Gas detection system installations
  • Leak testing

You need to understand that gas fitters can be plumbers but all plumbers are not gas fitters. If you require a task to be completed that involves gas usage then a gas fitter in Preston is the most appropriate for the job. People often ignore this fact and will hire just anyone and then bear the consequences of ill gas fittings, leakages etc.

Gas Fittings Coburg

Our gas fitters in Preston are qualified and experienced to perform the following duties when you hire Eagle Plumbing for gas fittings in Coburg and other parts of Melbourne.

  • Interpret and analyse plans, drawings and specifications
  • Measurement and placement of gas equipment
  • Testing pipe work
  • Installation of gas pipes
  • Installation of gas and other related appliances
  • Installing flues
  • Connection of gas pressure regulation systems
  • Advising the customer about the product, installations and usage
  • Maintenance

Remember to collect your Notice of Compliance Certificate that is affixed to gas fittings in Coburg. It is offered by the gas fitter, which declares that the installation complies with all Australian statutory requirements and standards.

With several plumbing companies offering gas fitting services in Melbourne, it is very hard to find a trusted and experienced gas fitter. Whenever you are unsure about hiring a gas fitter in Preston, then just visit

Eagle Plumbing provides superior plumbing services and gas fittings in Coburg, Preston and other suburbs of Melbourne at affordable rates. We promise quality and durable fittings every time. For more information, visit Call us now on (03) 9462-1450.

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