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Gas Hot Water Heaters

Are you fed up of everything requiring electricity and cannot seem to find any solution to cut back on the costs? Do you feel that there should be a more energy efficient and cheaper solution out there for hot water supply, so that you can enjoy hot water baths without having to pay in excess than your budget? If you are searching for that ideal solution then you do not need to worry anymore because Eagle Plumbing Services is here in Melbourne, Australia to meet the everyday needs of hot water of thousands of Melbournians.

We offer two kinds of gas hot water heaters Australia wide. The category includes:

Gas Hot Water Heaters
  • Gas Storage (Mains Pressure) Hot Water Heaters

The main pressure allows usage of several taps at once and the hot water heaters are available in capacities of 90 to 170 litres to meet the varying needs of hot water. The storage cylinder provides hot water ready to use at all times and reheats up to 200 litres an hour to refill the cylinder so that you never run out of hot water. Both indoor and outdoor models are available.

  • Continuous Flow Gas Powered Hot Water Heaters

These come in compact designs and heat water on demand continuously. These hot water heaters are ideal when large amounts of hot water is in demand at different times rather than at a single point in time at home or commercially. The indoor and outdoor models come with temperature remote controllers to set the best and the safest temperature of hot water for different taps in your apartment or home.

Most people opt for LPG gas hot water heaters because these heat only the water you need. The systems are compact and mounted on walls but are a bit expensive than the storage hot water heaters.

At Eagle Plumbing Services, we provide our customers with satisfactory solutions from brands like Rinnai, Rheem, Kelvinator, Bosch, AquaMAX and others on time. Our qualified and experienced services will not let you down. For more information on gas hot water heaters, visit

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